The soil environment determines to a large extent soil and plant health. In particular, the pH and oxygen availability determine whether beneficial microorganisms develop in the soil or whether harmful microorganisms develop. The availability of most nutritional elements is also strongly related to the soil environment. Our soil life sensors give you real-time insight into the soil environment and the availability of the most important nutrient elements.

This allows you to immediately see the effect of, for example, mechanical pressure, weed control, fertilization and the weather conditions on the soil life. This has direct consequences for the growth of trees and shrubs. A clear dashboard provides you with tools to determine the right direction.


We would like to show you, as transparently as possible, how the data from our soil life sensors are translated into a clear dashboard. With this dashboard you know exactly which processes are going on in the soil. Our dashboard shows a real situation, with real moisture sensors in the soil. So it is a real-life dashboard.

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